We are planning to record, edit and publish one song of each band in Beer Punks video production YouTube channel (subscribe it to see future releases very first). About 2 songs of each band will be also in compilation DVD later on (gigs #1-#4 on first release).

Each gig (if not otherwise noted) will have early bird tickets starting from 4,50e while tickets from the door is 6e. Prices does not include door money 2,50e. Age limit 18 years as alcohol is sold at the venue. Gigs starts at 21:00 and finishes around or after 1:00, times are always flexible.

Venue Bar Taikurin Hattu is in Tanhuantie 3, Kontula, Helsinki.

Bus 560, 811, 811B stop Tanhuantie 450 metres. Kontula metro station 700 metres (lines M2 and M2B).

EAR TORTURE NIGHT #4 Saturday 14.03.2020

EAR TORTURE NIGHT #3 Saturday 25.01.2020

Sa-Int, Terveyskeskus, Neurovisio, Etuaste. Pre-sale tickets available in few days.

EAR TORTURE NIGHT #2 Saturday 16.11.2019

Juggling Jugulars, Sekasorto, Radien, Abnormi.

EAR TORTURE NIGHT #1 Saturday 28.09.2019

Turun Tauti, Menetetty Maa, Uhka, Cockbox.